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Now many can not do without packaging labels and labeling requirements for different commodities are not the same. Since many types of packaged food labels, stickers are a variety of materials are used in foodpackaging to. There is, due to the diversity of food (raw fish with fish food, wine and beverages and other liquidfood, fruits vegetables, cooked food category, etc.), packaging storage and transportation and other requirements are different, so are equipped with the quit adhesive label materials and label printingrequirements,thereare big differences, therefore, be familiar with the different characteristics of food packaging, label printing to fully grasp the technical requirements in order to produced high quality food labeling. Design labels to pay attention to the problem: food labels and other labels have some differences, in addition to its function as a food identity, but also comply with environmental, health and other requirements, in addition, for some high-end goods, but also a corresponding security function. In addition, food labeling has also askeditsanti-grease performance in cold and wet surfaces and the need for deep freeze refrigeration, the labelmustmaintain sufficient viscosity. According to the food label should include the basicelements(nameofthefood,ingredients, net content and solids weight, name and address, production date, shelf life or storage period, storage and consumption methods, etc.), in the design of the contents of food labels, To note the following:
◆ Food name can not be mistaken on the language of food labels, text, graphics, symbols must be accurate and scientific. Producers should be the basic properties of food labeling food Name, andstrengthentheauthenticity of the content of the food label. Try to avoid foods with unconventional and even the nameofmistakenidentity, to the consumer misunderstanding;
◆ Product name must use the same font size should be banned on food labels confuse food product names used on the real property, consumer fraud. Such as yogurt drinks, watching the Yogurt, a drink taste like, look closely, yogurt characters obscure small print next to two drinks, it is to fool consumers. Therefore, the required product name must be a true reflection of the product, the name must use the same font;
◆ production and sales information to be disclosed in order to ensure retrospective effect, details of food producers must be reflected on the label. Must be labeled with the production,packaging,packingordistribution unit Name and address. Imported and domestic products packing a big package, should be marked in the country packing their name and address of the unit, and also indicate the country of origin of country names;
◆ label content should be visible, the ingredients must be clearly marked on the label text and numbers shall be not less than 1.8 mm; net contents must be marked with the name of the food in the package Equipment or packaging container in the same display surface; easy for consumers to read. In addition, food added sweeteners, preservatives, coloring agents must identify the specific name;
◆ production date production date is not ambiguous is the producer of the finished product through the factory production test date. Frozen drinks (such as popsicles, ice cream), etc., must be out Box (boxes) on production date marked, should be accurate and clear, clear writing, not vague, illegible. Most food should be clearly marked on the shelf-life;
◆ food manufacturers must indicate the name and address to ensure the retrospective effect, food manufacturers detailed address on the label must reflect, not just write a name;
◆ Domestic standard number are not free to false labeling of prepackaged foods must be marked to perform a standard code;
◆ genetically modified foods should be clearly markedwheretheinclusionofDepartmentofAgriculture"agricultural genetically modified organisms identified management practices," the food must be markedonthelabelgenetically modified foods. For example, the use of genetically modified soybean Preparation of oil, its label should be marked with the words of GM soybean oil.New food safety standards help "clean food labels"Chinese Ministry of Health issued four new food safety standards, including "Food labels must express all additives" and othernew regulations, the food safety standards of the most popular topic. From these standards, wecanseetheimportance of national treatment of food additives. New standards, food labeling shouldbetrue,accurate,easytounderstand, should not mislead consumers. Also minimize the amount of food additives and categories. The "food additive standard," in addition to flour bleaching agent has disappeared, but also removed the calcium peroxide, formaldehyde and other varieties of additives, which is based on the principle of necessity is not theproduction process. Faced with the new regulations, Chinese food companies should do? Food labels shouldbe how to choose? Currently, generally accepted in the EU food industry a "clean label" (Clean Label) principles and E coding system, what is a clean label and E coding? According to reports,theEU'sconsumersareincreasingly concerned about food is natural, safe, healthy, and more concerned about food label printingisenvironmentally friendly. In order to facilitate the consumers to identify the additive, adopted by the EU E-NUMBER ID (E code) system, will gain access to hundreds of additives included in the permission list. A food additive only one code, such as sodium glutamate (Monosodium glutamate) of the code is E631. Only licensed food additives (that is, only in the list) to be used in foods. EU's "Trademark Law" stipulates that goods if theapplication of additives, the additive must be marked on the product's code, without having to write the name of a specific additive. So many consumers simply look at the food label can quickly understand how many types of additives used, and choose minimize the use of E-coded products. Therefore, the cleaning label on the product label is the emergence of E codes in as little as possible to keep the food label ingredients bar the natural attributes. Market demand to produce innovative, for example, some experts said, many food manufacturers add substances such as food flavor properties of YE (yeast extract) will be able to achieve the desired effect. It is understood, YE is a natural, safe, healthy food ingredients, is following the MSG, I + G after the third major umami substances, and it is among the only three kinds of food attributes, categories are not additive Therefore, the provisions in the EU YE food can be safely used in food, with enhanced "clean label" role. University Park, Daejeon, South Korea from the benefits are Professor said: "This approach not only features the flavor of the food be maintained and strengthened, and to meet consumer demand for clean labels." He called yeast extract should be used in more food.

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